Re: Initializing static reference (non-POD) member variables

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Tue, 24 Jul 2007 13:47:43 -0400
Alf P. Steinbach wrote:

* Grey Alien:

The problem being:

1. Class A contains a static reference to Class B
2. Class B has no default ctor(s)
3. Class B's ctor takes a reference as one of its non-default
arguments 4. The reference parameter required to construct B is provided
A's ctor Is there a way to do this ?



, but (1) that isn't what your code exemplifies, and (2)
initialization of non-local statics generally happens before main() is
called, and at that point you probably don't have any database
connection yet.

It's not impossible to establish a connection before 'main', so that
should not really be an issue.

Why don't you explain what you're trying to achieve by using that

Sharing the instance of 'B' between all instances of 'A', perhaps?

That solution is flawed, but if you explain what it's meant to be a
solution for, perhaps we can help with the Real Problem (TM).

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