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On Oct 29, 3:08 pm, wrote:

On Oct 29, 5:50 pm, James Kanze <> wrote:

Im graduating in the coming december. Anyone pls guide me where i =


get c++ interview questions. I shall be very thankful to you if you
provide me good link so any stuff if you have regarding c++,
databases, algorithms, data structures and software engineering.

Lots of questions here: (

More up to date:

A more likely question than anything from that doc is whether he
is aware of its existence, and uses it.

This is simply false. The probability that he would be asked a
question which the doc answers is over 75%. The probability that he'd
be asked about his awareness of the doc < 5%.

Are you sure? My experience is that I'm often asked questions
concerning the documentation that I use: have I read X, what did
I think of it, what did I learn from it? Asking some trivial
detail from the FAQ is senseless---if the programmer knows of
the existence of the FAQ, he can find the answer anytime he
needs it; if he doesn't then he can't. And since no one knows
the answer to all possible questions, it's far more useful to
ascertain that the candidate knows how to find the answer to
something he doesn't know than the test his knowledge on some
necessarily restricted subset of possible questions. At least
when it is a question of details---you obviously do want to find
out if he has some inkling of the more important points.

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