Re: C++ equivalence of JDBC

James Kanze <>
Sun, 27 Jan 2008 04:42:10 -0800 (PST)
On Jan 26, 8:07 pm, Jerry Coffin <> wrote:

In article <b82b4cba-fadc-4644-afed-b4329227ed32>, says...

[ ... ]

I used OTL ( in one previous
project. I'm not sure I totally agree with the philosophie, but
it did work out pretty well. No support for any of the free
databases (mySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.), however (at least as far as
I can tell).

Unless I'm misunderstanding its documentation completely (I'll admit I
haven't put this part to the test) it's supposed to be able to deal with
anything that has an ODBC compliant driver -- which nearly all the free
databases do. It also has native support (i.e. no driver needed) when
talking to a few specific databases (Oracle, db2, etc.)

Maybe. It's been five or six years since I used it, and we were
only interested in Oracle. (In other words, don't take anything
I say about it, other than it existed once, as a certain truth.
In particular, you might want to check whether it is still being
actively maintained, etc.---all the usual things you have to
check before using an open source library.)

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