Re: Is C++ a boondoggle?

Richard Herring <junk@[]>
Tue, 19 May 2009 11:04:48 +0100
In message
peter koch <> writes

On 18 Maj, 20:44, Phlip <> wrote:

Does anyone know what the primary language used by the
space shuttle software is? ?I'm not going to be impressed
if the answer is C. ?I won't be surprised either. ?The
FAA is an avid C user.

It's a variation of Ada, right?

Nothing life-critical uses C - not enough type checking, array bounds
stray pointer checking, etc. Some aerospace CPUs do not even
implement a stack!

This is not true. C/C++ is used in several places in critical systems.
And if it is not the actual system, most operating systems/database
servers and similar basic backbone software is written in C and/or C+
+. Ada is a very nice and solid language, but so can C++ (and even C)

I suspect the main virtue of Ada for safety-critical systems is not so
much the language itself, nice and solid though it be, but the
availability of certified compilers.

Richard Herring

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