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From: (tanix)
Wed, 13 Jan 2010 08:09:14 GMT
In article <>, Ian Collins <> wrote:

tanix wrote:

James Kanze wrote:

I don't know about lots; there are some reasonably good open
source projects,

I wish I saw one.

Pretty much everything in the web stack: Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, PHP,
your open source OS of choice and MediaWiki to document it.

Well, I mean in terms of documentation.
Yes, there are plenty of good open source projects.
No question about it.

But what I mean is a central issue that is the same for open source
or commercial sw and that is documentation. Most of the code I had
to deal with is not only not sufficiently commented to make it easy
for someone to read it like a news article, but not documented at

Also, user documentation is horrible in most cases.

One example comes to mind is Apache log4j - the logging system
for Java. That thing looked like a disaster to me. It was a while
back and I do not recall the specifics at the moment, but the
"learning curve" was something astronomical. You'd have to literally
study a bible sized pile of information that is pretty much a set
of disassociated ideas, poorly interlinked and and things like that.

Programmer's Goldmine collections:

Tens of thousands of code examples and expert discussions on
C++, MFC, VC, ATL, STL, templates, Java, Python, Javascript, PHP,
organized by major topics of language, tools, methods, techniques.

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