Re: A new programming language

James Kanze <>
Sun, 20 Mar 2011 22:38:14 CST
On Mar 19, 3:38 am, Davin Pearson <> wrote:

On Mar 18, 11:48 am, itaj sherman <> wrote:

And I thought such a feature would actually make it easier to organize
big code-bases. For example, it would save us the horrendeous cases of
ill-formed programs with *no diagnostics required* such as 14.3.3/2.
Instead of the programmer has to do the book-keeping of getting
forward declarations in place, the compiler just has to collect a
database of the single definitions for everything (all partial
specializations in this case) and take them all into consideration (so
no such ill-form cases exist).

When you code in Java, you don't need to keep your code split into
source and header files.

Yes, and that is considered a major defect in Java. (I'm not
arguing that the way C++ manages this, with textual insertion,
is the best solution. But some sort of separation is needed.)

It seems natural that you might want to have
the same feature in C++.

You can. You can write C++ code exactly like you write Java
code. I wouldn't recommend it.

In short it means less work to the
programmer and more work for the compiler.

Above all, it means a lot more work for the maintenance
programmers, trying to understand the code.

James Kanze

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