Re: Invalid C++ or bug in GCC 4.8

Sergey Strukov <>
Thu, 27 Jun 2013 05:33:19 -0700 (PDT)
??????????????, 27 ???????? 2013 ??., 3:50:01 UTC+4 ???????????????????????? ??????????????:

Below is a completely stripped down version of the code. Is this illegal
C++ code, or is this a bug in GCC 4.8?

template <typename Signature, typename TypeId> class ObjectFactory;

template<typename Base , typename TypeId>
class ObjectFactory<Base (), TypeId> { };

struct Abstract { virtual ~Abstract() = 0; };

struct Concrete : Abstract { };

typedef ObjectFactory< Abstract(), int> MyFactory;

When compiling with GCC 4.8 I get the following error: error: ???type name??? declared as
function returning an abstract class type

 typedef ObjectFactory< Abstract(), int> MyFactory;

You cannot create an object of an abstract class type, so there cannot
be a function with such return type. The compiler error message is
completely reasonable here.

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