Re: efficiency of map::operator[] and map-insert

"Bo Persson" <>
3 Jun 2006 10:13:16 -0400
<> skrev i meddelandet

Dear all,

item 24 of Scott Meyers (excellent) effective STL book is about the
performance difference of operator[] compared to map insert. In
he warns about the possible performance loss of operator[] due to an
extra copy.

Our code uses a lot of this constructs and therefore I profiled his
efficient update algorithm with a std::map<int, std::sting>.

I come to the following profile results (Visual Studio 2003 release

only adds:
operator[] 15.1
Scott 12.5
(+/- 20%)

dominating inserts:
operator[] 26.4
Scott 25.0
(+/- 4%)

Thus my guess will be that indeed only a very heavy object with
dominating adds in a container will make a difference.

I belive the reason is that the C++ committee has decided to change
the specification of operator[]

and this change is already implemented in the VS 2003 library.

Bo Persson

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