Re: Map iterator to string

Juha Nieminen <nospam@thanks.invalid>
Mon, 20 Oct 2008 19:42:35 GMT
Micheal Smith wrote:

On 2008-10-20 13:43:58 -0500, Victor Bazarov <>

Micheal Smith wrote:

I'm looking for a good method to convert a map::iterator to a
std::string. I've tried googling for a while, but haven't come up
with much. Perhaps I'm kludging things here. Either way any advice
would be greatly appreciated.

What are you hoping to get from the conversion?


I have a member function that searches a map for a key. The value tied
to the given key should be a std::string. It just seemed like a better
idea to return the original std::string, than simply an iterator.

  Your original post is very poorly written. You are asking in your
original post how to *convert* a map::iterator (what kind of map?) into
a std::string. What does that even mean? Are you trying to generate a
string from the value of the iterator? Are you trying to cast the
iterator into a string? What?

  Seemingly what you have is a std::map<something, std::string>, and you
 have an iterator pointing to an element of this map, and you want to
dereference the string at that position in the map (which happens with
"yourIterator->second", which is probably the answer you are looking for).

  You should be much more specific when you ask such questions.

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