Re: C++0x container constructors for DefaultConstructible objects - no allocator?

From: (Pete Becker)
Mon, 21 May 2007 22:45:20 GMT
Howard Hinnant wrote:

In article <>, ("Bo Persson") wrote:

I notice in the draft N2284 that sequence containers have had one
constructor split in two. We now have (for list<T>):

explicit list(size_type n);
list(size_type n, const T& value, const Allocator& = Allocator());

How come the first type of constructor doesn't take an allocator

Mainly just history. People have never been able to say:

std::list<T, A> c(n, A());

And I've never heard any requests for that functionality. So I didn't
add it. It easily could be added. Is there demand for it? Would you
be willing to write a short paper or defect report with detailed
proposed wording relative to N2284?

Please, not a "defect report." Defect reports apply only to published
standards, and they invoke a formal response process.


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