Re: filling vectors in the parameter list

"utab" <>
7 Jun 2006 02:08:25 -0700

       vector<string> v(3);


Yes I think this is the easiest but number 3 can change then I can
supply that as a parameter but the problem is that how will I get
number of push_backs.

If you find this too verbose you can write a vector_filler<> class
template to fill a vector via an overloaded << operator (like streams do.)

    template <typename T, typename A = std::allocator<T> >
    class vector_filler
       std::vector<T, A> v;

       const std::vector<T, A>& vec() const{return v;}
       std::vector<T,A>& vec(){return v;}

       template <typename U>
          operator<<(const U& u){v.push_back(u);}

    vector_filler<string> vf;
    vf << "str1" << "str2" << "str3";


I will examine this one, this is sth more professional

    vector<string> v = {"str1", "str2", "str3"};


    foo({"str1", "str2", "str3"});

I hope it is true.

I also hope for that.


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