Re: struct_pod - what struct should have been

"Chris Jefferson" <>
Fri, 30 Jun 2006 07:53:45 CST
"Crosbie Fitch" wrote:

So, how about a new keyword 'struct_pod'?

This is equivalent to struct except that struct_pod explicitly requires
implementation as POD, except of course where this is impossible.

If type traits gets into C++03 (and I would be suprised if it didn't),
there will be the compile time type-trait is_pod. This will let users
check at compile time if a particular structure is a pod. I would
assume that this value will have to be the same over all compilers? I
was unaware there were cases where the compiler had a choice.

struct_pod Data // All operators permitted
    double r;
    Data(double rr):r(rr) { }
    Data& operator=(const Data& d) { r=d.r; return *this; }

I'm thought that a copy constructor wasn't allowed on pods? I've
previously written code in which I assumed I could memcpy pods...


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