Re: detecting class member offset from member itself

"Jiang" <>
28 Nov 2006 11:08:18 -0500
Frederick Gotham wrote:


#define offsetof_non_POD(type,member)\
(char*)&GetObj< type >(). member - (char*)&GetObj< type >()

Another undefined behavior, isn't it?

According to 5.7, we have pointer addition/subtraction operation
defined, and unfortunately, your above MACRO will invoke
undefined behavior (5.7/p6).

No it won't invoke undefined behaviour. Firstly, any pointer address can


stored in a char*.


Are you talking about PODs?

Secondly, if two pointers point to parts of the same
object, then they can be subracted to give a distance.

Please read 5.7 again. The subtraction operation works for object
itself and you can not apply it to the object's members.

The Standard necessitates that the code work perfectly.

I do not see how it works perfectly. There are many ways to
break it in my mind.

For example:

int i = 1;
const int foo::a;
struct foo
    // static member OK?
    static const int a = 2;

    // reference member OK?
    const int &b;
    foo(): b(i){}

    // overloaded operator OK?
    int operator&(){
        return 0xDEADBEFF;

    // inaccessible default constructor OK?


If you apply your Macro to this class/members, you will find
strange results in my mind.

To repeat myself, offsetof (or Macros like it) is seldom useful
in our c++ context. Avoid them if possible please.

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