Re: C++ Templates on MS VS C++

Salt_Peter <>
13 May 2007 16:45:48 -0700
On May 13, 7:06 pm, wrote:

I put together a quick array template for MS Visual Studio 2003, but I
ran into some trouble. It's been quite a while since I had to roll my
own templates, so I'd appreciate all help.

Example 1
Array<int> *ibuf = new Array<int>(100);
ibuf[0] = 100; //O K

Example 2
String *sptr = NULL;
Array<String*> *locales = new Array<String*>(50);
locales[0] = sptr; // ERROR, WHY?
(*locales)[0] = sptr; // OK, but WHY ???

Example 3 - OK: forward declaration of template class without
including template header.
template<class int8>
class Array;

Example 4 - ERROR: why ??? forward declaration of template class
without including template header.
template<class String*>
class Array;

Thank-you all!

template<class T=int32>
class Array : public Object
        Array(int32 aSize);
        virtual ~Array();

        int32 length() const;

        T& operator[](int32 i);
        T *getData() const;

        T *data;
        int32 size;


Consider something like this instead:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

template< typename T, const size_t Size >
class Array
  T m_a[Size];
  Array() { }
  ~Array() { }

  size_t size() const { return Size; }
  T& operator[](size_t i) { return m_a[i]; }

int main()
  using std::string;
  Array< string, 50 > locales;
  locales[0] = "some locale";
  std::cout << "locales[0] = " << locales[0];
  std::cout << std::endl;

locales[0] = some locale

Better yet, if you need a dynamic Array, use a std::vector.

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