Re: Getting error while making delete operator private

"Jim Langston" <>
Mon, 13 Aug 2007 08:47:07 -0700
"Premal" <> wrote in message

On Aug 13, 3:24 pm, "Jim Langston" <> wrote:

"Premal" <> wrote in message


I tried to make delete operator private for my class. Strangely it is
giving me error if I compile that code in VC++.NET. But it compiles
successfully on VC++6.o. Can anybody give me inputs about it. I wanted
that on my class delete should not work. Object pointer should be
deleted using my function only which is taking care of reference count
for particular class.

Thanx in advance for your inputs.

Please show what you tried that didn't work.

I tried following one:

class RefCountImpl
          //data members
          void operator delete(void*);
if i have above class implementation.Then in VC++6.0 it works. You can
allocate memory using new but you cannot delete that pointer in your
clilent code. You have to use some method provided by above class to
release the pointer.

Same thing doesnt work in VC++.NET. It clearly throws error that
making delete private cause memory leakage. May be VC++.NET compiler
become more stirct about this. :(.....

I hope you got my point. I hope you can give me some valuable input.

#include <iostream>

class RefCountImpl
    //data members
    void operator delete(void*) { ::delete this };
    void Kill() { delete this; }

int main()
    RefCountImpl Foo;
    RefCountImpl* Bar = new RefCountImpl;
    Bar->Kill(); // Works
    delete Bar; // Doesn't work

    return 0;


Show how you are trying to use it. It does not fail for me unless I try to
delete the instance, are you trying to do this? Are you trying to make it
on the stack? How are you using it? Show the code that is actualy causing
the error when you compile.

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