Automatic type conversion to complex<T>?

 MWimmer <>
Thu, 27 Sep 2007 07:16:22 -0700
Dear readers of this discussion group,

I have a problem concerning user defined type conversion and
functions, that are only defined as templates. Consider the following
code example:


#include <complex>

using namespace std;

template<typename T>
class A {
  operator T() const
    return T();

complex<double> f(const complex<double> &_a)

template<typename T>
complex<T> g(const complex<T> &_a)

  A<complex<double> > a;

  complex<double> b=f(a); //OK
  complex<double> c=g(a); //error: no matching function for call
                          // to 'g(A<std::complex<double> >&)'


In this example, the compiler is not able to call the type conversion
function of class A int he case of function g, as it is only defined
as a template.

Unfortunately the code snippet mimics a real problem that I have: a
template class, that can be useful for double and complex<double> and
that should have an automatic type conversion to the respective type.
Now all the useful functions for complex<T> are defined as is function
g in my example, e.g. I cannot call A<complex<double> > a; sin(a) ,
wehreas A<double> a2; sin(a2) is OK.

Is there a way to circumvent this problem without writing things like
sin(complex<double>(a)) ?

Best regards,

Mike Wimmer

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