Re: question on vector<T> and T::operator=()

Ian Collins <>
Tue, 11 Mar 2008 22:25:49 +1300
pelio wrote:

Ian Collins dixit:, India wrote:

Suppose 'Test' is a class:

class Test

Test& operator=(const Test& rhs)
    cout << "Test::operator=() called" << endl;


Suppose I create
Test obj;

vector<Test> v;

Here I get compilation error because Test::operator=() is private (I
kept it as private ONLY for learning purpose). However if I keep
Test::operator=() as public, then it is not called for

My doubt is, why does the compiler give error when Test::operator=()
is private though it is not needed for push_back() operation ?

The answer to your question is that the assignment operator may not be
called, but it is required to be public if defined.

$ cat ; echo ; make tst1 ; echo ; cat ; echo ; make tst2
; echo ; gcc --version
class A {
        A& operator=(const A& a) { return *this; }

int main() {}

g++ -o tst1

I though it pretty obvious from the context I was referring to a class
that is to be stored in a standard container.

Ian Collins.

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