Re: Conditional compiling according to C++ compiler version (Express or Professional)

"Gingko" <Gingko@nospam.nospam>
Fri, 21 Nov 2008 09:28:22 +0100
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From: "Hendrik Schober" <>
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: Conditional compiling according to C++ compiler version
(Express or Professional)

Gingko wrote:

So I am now falling back on the idea of writing myself a small header
file providing a minimal template stub compatible with the ATL templates
that I use, and allowing the Visual C++ Express 2005 users to compile the

 Interesting. (I believe it was my question starting the
 thread "finding <atlbase.h>" that Alex referred to.)
 Do you already have any stubs? Will they be publicly


I 've started something, yes.
But it is very tiny (not more than 50 significant lines yet) and it is
only intended to fill the short needs of the project I work with.
(that is, just supplying some AddRef / Release / QueryInterface /
CoCreateInstance, and also VARIANT related calls)
It has been very few tested right now and is very likely that I will have to
add things in the future as needed by the project.

Here is how it looks like now (no comments inside, as this is only a
replacement for something that is expected to be already known) :

template <class IU>
 class CComPtr
 IU * p;

 CComPtr() : p(NULL) {
 CComPtr(IU* q) : p(q) {
  if (p) p->AddRef();}
 CComPtr(const CComPtr<IU> & r) : p(r.p) {
  if (p) p->AddRef();}
 IU * operator -> () const {
  return p;}
 bool operator ! () const {
  return p==NULL;}
 IU** operator & () {
  return &p;}
 operator IU * () {
  return p;}
 void Release() {
  IU* t=p; if (t) {p=NULL; t->Release();}}
 IU* operator = (const IU* q) {
  Release(); p=q; p->AddRef(); return p;}
 CComPtr<IU> & operator = (const CComPtr<IU> & r) {
  Release(); p=r.p; p->AddRef(); return *this;}
 template <class QI> HRESULT QueryInterface(QI** pp) const {
  return p->QueryInterface(__uuidof(QI), (void**)pp);}
 HRESULT CoCreateInstance(const GUID & g, IUnknown* u=NULL, unsigned long
  return ::CoCreateInstance(g, u, c, __uuidof(IU), (void**)&p);}
 ~CComPtr() {

template <class IU, const GUID & g = __uuidof(IU)>
 class CComQIPtr : public CComPtr<IU>
 CComQIPtr(IUnknown* q) {
  if (q != NULL) q->QueryInterface(g, (void **)&p);}

class CComVariant : public VARIANT

I use this instead of <atlbase.h>


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