Re: Simple List Access by Index

Mon, 8 Dec 2008 16:46:59 CST
On 8 Dez., 00:48, Francis Glassborow
<> wrote:

Daniel Kr?gler wrote:

     int operator=(const Node& N) { return; }

I recommend to obey const-correctness: Functions
like getData and printData should be declared as
const members functions. The signature of operator=
is quite unusual, but feasible.

I am not sure about that. He has declared a copy assignment that does
not copy. So, for example:

Node n1, n2;
n2 = n1;

n2 remains uninitialised. I think that is doomed to produce inscrutable

You are absolutely right Francis! Slap on my head - I was only
checking the
signature not the content!
And that reminds me to mention that the OP *needs* to provide proper
versions of the copy assignment operator and the copy constructor of
List - Funny things will happen, should the OP start to copy the
list (explicitly or implicitly).

- Daniel

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