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Fri, 19 Dec 2008 20:29:50 CST
On 13 Dec, 00:50, Raikanta Sahu <> wrote:

I thought this might be of interest readers of this group.

I don't want to comment on your basic idea, but just make a couple of
comments on style:

enum UptodateStatus
    UPTODATE = 0,
    TAGS_MODIFIED = 00002

You do realise that in C++ (and C) integer constants beginning with a
zero are assumed to be octal numbers? So if you add to your enum:

enum UptodateStatus
  TAGS_MODIFIED = 00002,
  ANOTHER = 00011

Then ANOTHER actualy has the decimal value of 9. If the numbers are
really intended to be octal, I'd make sure there was a comment
explaining exactly why?


template <typename T, typename ValueGenerator>

class J_MSC_UpToDateStatus

       static int getNextValue()
          static int value = 1;
          int returnValue = value;
          value *= 2;
          return returnValue;

       J_MSC_UpToDateStatus() : value_(0){}

       bool isSet(int val) { return (( value_ & val ) == val); }

       void operator|=(int rhs) { value_ |= rhs; }

       void operator&=(int rhs) { value_ &= rhs; }

       void operator^=(int rhs) { value_ &= rhs; }


       int value_;


It's normal for assignment operators (including composites as above)
to return the result of the assignment. Users of your class will
probably expect this, so if you don't want to return the value, I'd
make these operators named functions.

Neil Butterworth

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