Re: How to resolve template dependencies with a generic callback passed *this?

Vidar Hasfjord <>
Fri, 30 Jan 2009 12:40:19 CST
On Jan 30, 3:42 am, Jesse Perla <> wrote:

On Jan 29, 5:24 pm, Mathias Gaunard <> wrote:

Instead of writing
template<typename T>
A<T> make_a(T t)

Thanks Mathias,
But I think I am missing how this helps the interdependency of my
templates. I can't see how to use my class as written due to the T?
i.e. Unless I misunderstand, make_a(thing) would let the compiler
correctly deduce the type, but without the "auto" keyword there is no
shortcut to knowing the instantiated type of A.
A a = make_a(thing); //But A is a template, not an instantiated type?

My hunch is that the answer may have something to do with template
template arguments, but I can't figure it out.

You can break the circular dependancy with a template template
parameter like so:

template <template <typename> class Callback>
class A {
   Callback <A> f_;
     A (Callback <A> f) : f_ (f) {}
     void call () {f_ (*this);}

template <class T>
struct My_callback
   void operator () (const T&t) {}

void foo ()
   typedef A <My_callback> Amy;
   My_callback <Amy> c;
   Amy a (c); ();

or you could go with your instinct and use tr1::function to do type
erasure like so:

#include <tr1/functional>

namespace to {

class A {
   std::tr1::function <void (const A&)> f_;
     template <class Callback>
     A (Callback f) : f_ (f) {}

     void call () {f_ (*this);}

template <class T>
struct My_callback
   void operator () (const T&t) {}

void test ()
   My_callback <A> c;
   A a (c); ();

Vidar Hasfjord

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