abstract base class containing class

scg_ <drscg08@aon>
Sat, 31 Jan 2009 18:50:33 +0100
What follows is a question by an absolute beginner ? you have been warned:
I am using the following class layout, which is inspired by Bruce
Eckel's "Thinking in C++":

template <class T>
class B {
    T* data_;
    int size_;
    int size() const {return size_;}
    class iterator;
    friend class iterator;
    class iterator {
        T* p;
        iterator(): p(0) {}
        iterator(const B<T>& x): p(x.data) {}
        T& operator*() {return *p;}
        T* operator++(){return ++p;}
    iterator begin() const {return iterator(*this);}



Furthermore, I define a function operating on B objects,
essential_function(const B &), which relies on the member function
explicitly listed above. Since I recently decided to change the
implementation of some of the details of B, I thought setting up an
abstract base class would be auspicious. In particular, I was hoping to
implement the algorithm in terms of the purely virtual member functions
of the abstract class:

template <class T>
class A {
    virtual int size() const = 0;
    class iterator;
    friend class iterator;
    class iterator {
        virtual T& operator*() const = 0;
        virtual T* operator++() = 0;
    virtual iterator begin() const = 0; // error

class B : public A<T> {

Unfortunately, this class A layout does not compile due to covariant
return type issues, i.e. B<T>::iterator B<T>::begin() overrides
A<T>::iterator A<T>::begin().
When I comment the line "virtual iterator begin() const = 0", it
compiles. However, not much is gained, since I can not implement
essential_function(const A &) in terms of the abstract class A:

template <class T>
void essential_function(const A<T>& x) {
    typename A<T>::iterator iter;
    iter = x.begin();

error: cannot declare variable `iter' to be of type `A<T>::iterator'
because virtual functions are abstract ... and A<T> has no has no
member named 'begin'.

Don't get me wrong - I am not particularly surprised about the errors
(now that I spend some time thinking about it).
Still, how can I implement what I (in essence) suggest above?


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