Re: Overload operator * as member function.

Nick Hounsome <>
Sun, 12 Jul 2009 05:56:22 CST
On 11 July, 17:36, AY <> wrote:

class A

                const A operator*(const A& rt, const A& lt)
                        return A(rt.denominator()*lt.denominator(),

As a member you only want the right hand parameter:

const A operator*(const A& rhs); // The lhs is implicitly "this".

Always implement binary operators as free functions as otherwise
expressions like ( 3 + A(1,2) ) wont compile because the compiler will
not try to convert the 3 to an A when looking for a function match.

Always implement binary operators (op) in terms of a member method
operator op= as follows:

A& A::operator *= (const A& rhs) { blah blah; return *this; }
A operator* (const A& lhs, const A& rhs) { A temp(lhs); temp *= rhs;
return temp; }

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