Re: How can I use unqualified names? (Possibly hard or impossible?)

Jonathan Lee <>
Sun, 19 Jul 2009 09:39:30 -0700 (PDT)
On Jul 19, 11:52 am, Jonathan Lee <> wrote:

On Jul 19, 11:47 am, Jonathan Lee <> wrote:

Not sure how valuable my advice is, but here are my thoughts:

So the following works, but it's kinda ugly. OK, it's really ugly. I
had to introduce a partial specialization of Options<type1, type2> to
get it to compile. I chose void* as type2; I don't really know how to
get around this. This means that I had to define a operator<<(void*)
on the test class Bar. And, basically there are void*'s scattered all
over. But the usage is as I described above.

I also defined trivial classes to wrap double (called xbase, zbase)
and int (called ybase). Maybe a typedef is sufficient?

// code -----------------------------------------

#include <iostream>

class xbase {
        double x;
        xbase(double y) : x(y) {}

class ybase {
        int y;
        ybase(int x) : y(x) {}

class zbase {
        double z;
        zbase(double y) : z(y) {}

template<typename T, typename U>
class Options {
    T val;
    U other;
    Options(T t, U u) : val(t), other(u) { }

template<typename T>
class Options<T, void*> {
    T val;
    void* other;
    Options(T x) : val(x) {}

template<typename T, typename U, typename V>
Options<Options<T, U>, V> operator&(Options<T, U> t, Options<V, void*>
u) {
    return Options<Options<T, U>, V>(t,u.val); }

class Bar {
    xbase x1;
    zbase z1;
    ybase y1;
    Bar() : x1(0.0), z1(0.0), y1(0) { }
    void print() {
        std::cout << x1.x << std::endl;
        std::cout << y1.y << std::endl;
        std::cout << z1.z << std::endl;

    Bar& operator<<(zbase zz) {
        z1 = zz;
        return (*this);

    Bar& operator<<(xbase xx) {
        x1 = xx;
        return (*this);

    Bar& operator<<(ybase yy) {
        y1 = yy;
        return (*this);

    Bar& operator<<(void*) {
        return (*this);

    template<typename T, typename U>
    Bar& operator<<(Options<T, U> otu) {
        return (*this);

typedef Options<xbase, void*> xtype;
typedef Options<zbase, void*> ztype;
typedef Options<ybase, void*> ytype;

int main() {
    Bar foo;
    foo << (xtype(1.0) & ztype(2.0) & ytype(18));
    return 0;

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