Re: Assignment operator=/copy constructor/temporaries, BROKEN!

"Francesco S. Carta" <>
Fri, 17 Sep 2010 21:07:11 +0200
Fabrizio J Bonsignore <>, on 17/09/2010 11:32:06, wrote:

I want this to be compilable and working AS IS:

<snip original code>

Well, not exactly as is, as I had to fix some overly long one-line
comments and as I had to add some const here and there, but now it

....hope that helps.

#include <iostream>

class AO {
     int i;
     void Aha();// {i=1;}

     AO &operator=(const AO &x);
// {i=x.i; return *this;}//should not matter if inline or not

     AO();// : i(0) {}
     AO(const AO &x);// {i=x.i;}
     virtual ~AO();// {}

void AO::Aha() {

         : i(0) {
AO::AO(const AO &x) {
AO &AO::operator=(const AO &x) {
     return *this;
AO::~AO() {}

class BO {
     AO a;

     AO Retit();// {++a.i; return a;}
     AO Retut();// {AO z; z.i = 10; return z;}

BO::BO() {
     AO b;
     b = a;
     AO c(a);
     AO d(b);
     AO e(c);


     AO m = Retit();
     AO n = Retit();
     AO o(Retit());
     AO p = n;
     AO q = o;

     AO f;
     AO g = Retut();
     AO h(Retut());
     AO j = g;
     AO k = h;

     f = Retit();
     f = Retut();

AO BO::Retit() {
     return a;

AO BO::Retut() {
     AO z;
     z.i = 10;
     return z;

BO testbo;

using namespace std;

int main() {
     cout << "Well, it compiles." << endl;
     return 0;

  FSC - -

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