Re: code pattern for locking & unlocking

Mickey <>
Fri, 26 Nov 2010 18:20:51 CST
I find the braces in the middle of nowhere quite a handy thing at
I suppose you can expect Lock to fail so it would be wiser to follow
the if() {} style here. If the design says it will never fail then I
would go with the lonely braces-- unless you are expecting that you
might that check sometime in the future.

-- Jyoti

On Nov 26, 3:48 am, Daniel Anderson <> wrote:


I often have to acquire locks and release them after I'm finished with
I use constructor/destructor to acquire & release locks. everything
works fine.
sometime I must acquire a lock for few instructions, then release it
in the middle of a big function. I use braces to get timely
destructors, but I find the "middle of nowhere" braces kind of
something like:

struct Lock
Lock(Mutex& mtx) mtx_(mtx) { mtx.lock(); }
~Lock() { mtx_.unlock(); }
operator bool() { return true;}


void someFunc()
  // do some stuff
  // now time to update share data
     Lock myLock(data_mutex);
     //use locked data
  } // destructor called
  // do more stuff


I would like to have something like the using keyword in c#.
Is there a way to fake it in C++ ?
for now I'm using an if to do it.

void someFunc()
  // do some stuff
  // now time to update share data
  if (Lock myLock = Lock(data_mutex))
     //use locked data
  } // Unlock done by destructor

  // do more stuff


Is it good programming ?
Is there a better way ?


Daniel Anderson

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