Re: Stopping my ATL service failed

"Max" <please@newsgroup>
Tue, 9 May 2006 13:03:11 +0200
On some occasions, including Stop Service, SCM asks your (and any other)
service for time estimation, e.g. how much time will it take your service to
stop. You must set this estimation correct. Unfortunately I do not remember
exactly how to do it using ATL.

"Fred" <> wrote in message


I've created a ATL service in VC++ (unmanaged code) on Visual Studio 2005.
Everything works fine.

But I still have a problem to stop my service.

During its termination, my service needs time to communicate with external
components (about 5 minutes).

When I stop my service from the "Control manager", my service enters in a
STOP_PENDING state. I start a independant thread which refresh its status
calling regularly SetServiceStatus.

But the "Control Manager" generates a 1053 error after a timeout of about

After several days of work, I can't find the reason, so need help.

For information, there is my code:

void CMyServiceModule::OnStop()
     m_status.dwWaitHint = 10000;
     m_status.dwCheckPoint = 1;

     _beginthread( StopFunct, 0, (void *) this );

     // PostThreadMessage(m_dwThreadID, WM_QUIT, 0, 0);

void StopFunct( void *ch )
     CMyServiceModule *pThis= (CMyServiceModule *)ch;

     DWORD dwStart = GetTickCount();
     dwStart += 300000;
    while (dwStart>GetTickCount()) {
          pThis->m_status.dwWaitHint += 10000;

    PostThreadMessage(pThis->m_dwThreadID, WM_QUIT, 0, 0);

I used the SetServiceStatus which came from the parent class

void CAtlServiceModuleT::SetServiceStatus(DWORD dwState) throw()
m_status.dwCurrentState = dwState;
::SetServiceStatus(m_hServiceStatus, &m_status);

Thanks in advance....


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