Re: constructing and initializing a scoped_array

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Thu, 1 Jun 2006 13:42:09 -0400
Dennis Jones wrote:

I have some old code that I am refactoring to use smart pointers and
have run into a small problem. My original code looks something like

class WorkerThread
   std::map<int, Handler> &HandlerMap;
   WorkerThread( std::map<int, Handler> &AHandlerMap )
       : HandlerMap( AHandlerMap ) {}

WorkerThread *WorkerThreads[MAXTHREADS];

for ( int i=0; i<MAXTHREADS; i++ )
   WorkerThreads[i] = new WorkerThread( TheHandlerMap );

And I think I'd like to change it to use a scoped_array:

boost::scoped_array< WorkerThread > WorkerThreads;

WorkerThreads( new WorkerThread[/*...*/] )

Unfoortunately, the WorkerThread class does not have a default
constructor, and as such, the compiler does not allow me to cosntruct
a scoped_array. So maybe a scoped_array isn't the way to go, but it
seemed like most obvious choice. What would be an appropriate

I have no idea what 'scoped_array' is (it's not part of the Standard
Library, AFAICT), but can you tell me what's inaproppriate about, say,

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