Re: Problem forward declaration of "typedef struct"

"Gavin Deane" <>
19 Feb 2007 07:17:23 -0800
On 19 Feb, 14:10, "Mohammad Omer Nasir" <> wrote:

can forward declare it with just struct A;.

But i defined AA specifically for making Objects

Don't need a typedef for that.

and LPAA for specifically pointer of A structure...

Why? What's wrong with A*? Anyway, you can still do:

typedef A* LPAA;

ok lets look at this, this code taken from winnt.h header file

typedef struct _RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION {

    LONG LockCount;
    LONG RecursionCount;
    HANDLE OwningThread;
    HANDLE LockSemaphore;
    ULONG_PTR SpinCount;


y is this developer declaring _RTL_CRITICAL_SECTION and
have done what u told me?

Yes. Because the typedef syntax is (or used to be) necessary in C. I
can't remember exactly why, but it has never been necessary in C++.

Becuz it lets us declare a lot of types in one declaration.

Not really. The only extra thing you get is PRTL_CRITICAL_SECTION
which you can use to obfuscate the present of a pointer.

The same thing is what I'm trying to achieve and I'm
getting an error and I want to understand y i'm getting an error. I
can figure out the workarounds (and I have, u also gave a solution)
but first I >want< to understand whats happening in the current

Your original post contained this

typedef struct A
  int i;

  A( )
    i = 90;

} AA, * LPAA;

Now, to remove some unnecessary confusion, replace the above with

struct A
  int i;

  A( )
    i = 90;

Replace *all* occurances of AA with A and replace *all* occurances of
LPAA with A*. Other than making your code easier to read, this should
have *no effect* on your problem. But it will make reading the code to
work out what's wrong easier.

Gavin Deane

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