Re: debug assertion error in threads of c++ under windows

"Sarath" <>
9 Mar 2007 03:07:13 -0800
On Mar 9, 6:13 pm, "Pushpa" <> wrote:

Hi All,

This my part of the c++ program using threads in windows :

//modified by pushpa
struct structExrdDoc
        CExrdDoc* spDoc;
        LPCTSTR sstrFileName;


structExrdDoc sp;

volatile bool running;

UINT CExcelExport::run(LPVOID p)
        CExrdDoc* me = sp.spDoc;
        me->OnSaveDocument ((LPCTSTR)sp.sstrFileName);
        running = FALSE;
        return 0;}

//modified by pushpa

void CExcelExport::SaveExcelFile (CExrdDoc* pDoc, const string&
        sp.spDoc = pDoc; //modified by pushpa
        sp.sstrFileName = strFileName.c_str(); //modified by pushpa
        running = TRUE; //modified by pushpa
        AfxBeginThread(run,NULL); //modified by pushpa
        //pDoc->OnSaveDocument (strFileName.c_str()); //modified by pushpa


Here the line of code I have commented was taking lot of time, so I hv
tried to use
threads and I am new to this.

This is the declaration in the .h file

        static UINT CExcelExport::run(LPVOID p);

After some struggle I could compile the application, but when it is
run I am getting a
Debug assertion error.

debug assertion failed!
for information on how your program can cause an assertion failure,
see the visual c++

documentation on asserts.

Could you please help me with this.

Thanking you in advance,

First of all if, possible remove the duplicate posts.

CExrdDoc* me = sp.spDoc;
me->OnSaveDocument ((LPCTSTR)sp.sstrFileName);

I really dint get how you assigned sp

Your code is not complete and run it in the debug mode. when the
program crashes, just break there and check the call stack. From there
you can identify which part of your code caused the problem.

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