Re: variable scope in threads

Larry Smith <>
Sun, 25 Mar 2007 03:44:38 GMT
<GemNh.4139$un.46@trnddc03> wrote:

Hi All,

I have a question on the scope of variables for threads. The program
has a main thread which creates a few worker threads. The main thread
can access another class stored in another file, however, the worker
threads can't. I got link errors for the code inside of the worker
threads. The following contains code segments.

Multi_Queue is a class and getXXX() is a public member function inside
of Multi_Queue which is in another file.

// inside of the main thread
//global data
static Multi_Queue *test1;

int abc;
abc = test1->getXXX(); // no link error

// create worker threads
for (i=0;i<numWorker;i++)
       x = pthread_create(&workers[i], NULL, &workerThread, NULL);


// This is the worker thread
void *workerThread(void *inPtr)
int xyz = test1->getXXX(); // link error on getXXX()


My question is why there is no link error in the main thread but in
the worker thread it has. A global variable, in this case
Multi_Queus, created in the main thread should be available in other
threads. Appreciate any insights.


Only if all of the code (main thread & worker threads)
is in ONE source file.

You declared 'test1' as 'static', so it is NOT global;
it's only visible within the source file where it
is declared.

One (of several) solutions might look like this:

// in main.cpp
Multi_Queue *test1;

// in worker.cpp
extern Multi_Queue *test1;

When main.cpp & worker.cpp are compiled and then
Linked together, code in 'worker.cpp' will have
access to 'test1'.

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