Re: Thread-safe reference counts.

"Chris Thomasson" <>
Thu, 27 Mar 2008 19:39:40 -0700
"David Schwartz" <> wrote in message

This just means, that you are making a copy of an object where the
destructor is in progress. That's simply a bug and should be avoided ;-)

best regards,

I agree. I would put it simply -- you cannot call 'AddRef' unless you
have an explicit or implicit reference to an object. The 'AddRef'
function is not special, it must be called with a reference just like
every other function.

The puzzle is this -- how did you get a pointer to object to call
'AddRef' on anyway?

I've heard a lot of talk about strong thread safety and the like, but
I have to admit, I don't get it. In order to call 'AddRef' on an
object, you need a pointer to it, and how could you possibly have
gotten that pointer without something that already had a reference?

The existence of a pointer should mean the existence of a reference --
otherwise how can you know that pointer remains valid, whether a call
for AddRef or for any other purpose?

Here is some code you can look at which implements strongly thread-safe
reference counting:

The 'foo_obj_acquire/release()' functions is where all the magic take place:
foo_obj* foo_obj_acquire(foo_obj** psrc) {
  foo_obj* _this;
  pc_region* const pcr = pc_acquire(&g_pcm);
  if (_this = LOADPTR(psrc)) {
    atomicword cmp = _this->refcnt;
    do {
      if (! cmp) {
        _this = NULL;
    } while(! CASWORD(&_this->refcnt, &cmp, cmp + 1));
  return _this;

void foo_obj_release(foo_obj* _this) {
  if (XADDWORD(&_this->refcnt, -1) == 1) {
    pc_mutate(&g_pcm, &_this->pcn);

Any thread can call 'foo_obj_acquire()' to grab a reference from a pointer
to a 'foo_obj*'. The following setup is perfectly legal:
static foo_obj* g_foo = NULL;

void reader_threads(void) {
  for (;;) {
    foo_obj* const _this = foo_obj_acquire(&g_foo);
    if (_this) {

void writer_threads(void) {
  for (;;) {
    foo_obj* const _this = foo_obj_ctor();
    if (_this) {
      foo_obj* prev = foo_obj_swap(&g_foo, _this);
      if (prev) {

reader threads can acquire reference's to 'foo_obj' objects on the fly,
without having to own a previous reference to them.

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