Re: Why do I need to overload =

Victor Bazarov <>
Tue, 07 Oct 2008 15:52:13 -0400
John Doe wrote:

Victor Bazarov wrote:

John Doe wrote:

I am trying to transform a class with some time consuming operation
by adding a thread. To be able to pass data to thread I have declared
a class ThreadParam as shown below :
    struct ThreadParam
        ThreadParam(CProvisioning* a_pThis, const CString&
a_strConfig, CString& a_strXmlOut):
            strConfig( a_strConfig ),
            strOut( a_strXmlOut ) {}

        CProvisioning* pThis;
        const CString& strConfig;
        CString& strOut;

The problem I get is with m_thrParam = ThreadParam(this, strConfig,
strXmlOut); because I get :

error C2582: 'operator =' function is unavailable in

1) First I don't understand why I need to overload =

The compiler cannot generate one because you have reference members.
Once initialised (during construction), a reference cannot be reseated.

2) How can I fix it ?

You need to overload the assignment operator and decide what to do
with the 'strConfig' member (e.g. leave it alone) and the 'strOut'
member. *An example* of your operator= might look like this:

    struct ThreadParam
        ThreadParam& operator=(ThreadParam const& other)
            pThis = other.pThis;
            return *this;


The problem is once I run :

m_thrParam = ThreadParam(this, strConfig, strXmlOut);
strConfig is a valid reference but strXmlOut is NULL ...

There is no such thing as a NULL reference. How do you get yours to be
"NULL"? Figure that, fix it, and then everything should be OK.

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