Re: writing thread safe / reenterent code (c++)

=?Utf-8?B?c2FjaGlu?= <>
Thu, 15 Jan 2009 23:08:10 -0800
Thanks for quick replay
i got your point of "The memory leaks, exception-unsafe code, use of
implicit int, etc" ..

So do you think both these functions are thread safe ..
1. on cout yes i have observed that cout is thread safe nor does printf
2. on new allocation do you a function is thread safe and each thread would
carry its own heap allocated memory on its stack during context switch .
3. isnt there chance of heap being using by two thread .. . ?
4. is stack allocation version thread safe . i mean

/* i think this is thread safe */
void callme(char* threadname)
   char name [100];
  strcpy( name, threadname)

/* i doubt if new allocated memory is synchronously shared between two
thread */
/* is there any possibility of two thread mixing with name variable in
folliwing coce */
void callme(char* threadname)
   char* name = new char[100];
   strcpy( name, threadname)
   delete[] name;


"Doug Harrison [MVP]" wrote:

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 21:48:00 -0800, sachin
<> wrote:

Is following code a thread safe routine

  char* ptr = new char[10];


callhim(char* ptr)
  char* second = new char[10];
  strcpy(second , ptr);


I feel both of the functions are not thread safe .. nor reenternt ..

local memory allocation using heap makes the routine thread unsafe and non
reenterent ..
Am i right ?

No. Access to the heap is synchronized in programs that use the
multithreaded CRT. Ditto for the cout statement. However, if you had
written the following, you could observe interleaved output because the
statement isn't locked as a whole:

   cout << x << y;

That is, two threads executing this concurrently could print the following,
where x1 and y1 are printed by thread 1 and x2 and y2 by thread2:


There are other possibilities, and the one thing that is guaranteed is that
x will be printed before y for each thread executing the statement.

P.S. The memory leaks, exception-unsafe code, use of implicit int, etc
weren't relevant to your question, so I ignored these things. If you don't
know what I mean, please say so.

Doug Harrison
Visual C++ MVP

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