Re: Desperation with Boost Threads

Johannes Bauer <>
Fri, 23 Jan 2009 23:12:42 +0100
Noah Roberts schrieb:

OK. What I'm trying to to: Create a thread (in C-terms speaking I'd like
to do a pthread_create). How do I do it in that constellation then?

The equivalent is the constructor for boost::thread. You can only call
that constructor once. It constructs and spawns a new thread. You will
have a handle to that thread through the boost::thread instance so long
as that instance survives. You can't, however, copy that instance.

Ah, okay, that makes perfect sense then. It seems I totally missed that
when reading the boost docs :-\

So I've changed it to employ your changes. So that I don't have to
fiddle with pointers I changed the behaviour of my Thread class to
behave just like boost::thread does. I threw out Work() and replaced it
by the operator(). Now the relevant parts look like this:

class Thread {
        boost::thread ThreadID;
        Thread(const Thread &Other);
        void operator=(const Thread &Other);

        virtual void operator()();
        virtual ~Thread();

include <iostream>

Thread::Thread() : ThreadID(*this) {

void Thread::operator()() {
    std::cerr << "NOWORK" << std::endl;

And an actual implementation:

Thread_Server::Thread_Server() : Thread() {

void Thread_Server::operator()() {
    std::cerr << "working" << std::endl;
    while (1) {
        std::cerr << "run" << std::endl;

This compiles and works. However the derived classes operator() is never
called, only the base classes. This means when I start a thread:

Thread_Server x = Thread_Server();

it only outputs "NOWORK" and terminates. However, as the Thread_Server()
constructor calls the Thread() constructor which creates the actual
boost::thread with *this I assumed that it would make a lookup in the
vtable (virtual operator()!) and start the derived classes working function.

It does not, however. It is my assumption that during the dereferencing
step of *this the Derived class somehow gets lost - but I do not
understnad why exactly.

Trying to follow your advice using pointers, I also tried:

Thread_Server::Thread_Server() : Thread(this) {

With a new constructor in Thread():

Thread::Thread(const Thread *Derived) : ThreadID(*Derived) {

Which yielded exactly the same result.

Could you elaborate on why this happens?

Kind regards,

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