RE: wh_callwndProc hook problem

=?Utf-8?B?U3JpZGhhcg==?= <>
Mon, 7 Sep 2009 04:57:02 -0700
please any one provide the sample code using wh_callwndproc hook. when i am
running the program the notepad is givind error and closing. what is the
i am not able to find where the problem is?
At last i learned something for today...:)

"Sridhar" wrote:

HI Friends,
       I am trying to hook notepad and i want to get which menu items in
notepad is clicked etc..i wrote one simple dll.i am using wh_callwndproc
hook. the problem is.. it is running fine for some time..after that showing
notepad encounter a problem..message i am getting then i have to close

here is my dll code where i am hooking..

DECLDIR bool InstallMsgHookProc()

        bool bSuccess=false;

            bSuccess=(NULL!= (ghKeyHook=
        return bSuccess;


please tell me what i am doing wrong..from two weeks i am trying for this...
i put one break point in filter function but it is not hitting..

and also if you know plz tell me using which books or site to learn windows
hooking is best.

Thanks in advance..

At last i learned something for today...:)

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