Re: simple pthread

Ian Collins <>
Tue, 26 Jul 2011 16:45:54 +1200
On 07/26/11 04:15 PM, cerr wrote:

This looks like a mixed up function declaration!

Yep, exactly right... :o

int something = pthread_create( );

A decent compiler should tell you that MyThread::PrintMsg is the wrong
function type for the function pointer parameter of pthread_create.

I'm using g++ and io got this now:
int MyThread::StartMe(void)
   pthread_create(&ThreadA, NULL,&MyThread::PrintMsg, void);
and the compiler tells me:
$ g++ -o example example.cpp
example.cpp: In member function ?int MyThread::StartMe()?:
example.cpp:42:55: error: expected primary-expression before ?void?

what is a primary expression in this case? :o

Firstly, please don't use the sociopathic "new" google interface, it
ruins threading!.

It looks like you missed my other comments, go be back and check, 'void'
isn't a valid parameter value and a member function isn't a valid thread

Ian Collins

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