Re: Thread program

takeshi honda <>
Mon, 5 Nov 2012 05:00:57 -0800 (PST)
Thank you everyone.

Unfortunately, I do program in severe environment where neither std::thread=
 nor boost exists. I am not an admin of the server.

Do you have any idea for this solution?

2012=E5=B9=B411=E6=9C=883=E6=97=A5=E5=9C=9F=E6=9B=9C=E6=97=A5 22=E6=99=8251=
=E5=88=8625=E7=A7' UTC+9 takeshi honda:

I'm trying to create a thread program according to this article.
The sample code is a case that each thread processes easy quick tasks.
In this case I have no problem.
But I want two threads to do time consuming process such as recvfrom().
In this case threading program doesn't work well.
 thread1.Event(); // this is waiting recvfrom() return.
 thread2.Event(); // this doesn't start until above process finishes.
I also tried ThreadTypeIntervalDriven as follows.
For some reason, this causes a crash of the program.
How can I create program which has two threads using recvfrom()?

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