How to change image?

"SimonSimon" <>
4 May 2006 03:39:52 -0700
Hello, I am learning Java and I have a question :)

In the panorama applet I draw an image into the screen. Image is in
variable "pano", which is loaded on the beginning. If I click on the
right place on the image, method show_window from applet "target"
should load new image into variable "pano" and the whole picture should
change. But in my case it does not change. Do you know what shoult I do
to change and display image in the variable "pano"?

I hope it is clear enough :)

public class panorama extends Applet
    public static panorama selfRef = null;
    public Image pano;

    public void init()
    selfRef = this;
        String s1 = getParameter("panorama");

    public void loadImage(String mainPicture)
    pano = getImage(getCodeBase(), mainPicture);

    public void paint(Graphics g)
        width = pano.getWidth(this);

public class target extends JApplet
    String file;

    public void show_window(Applet applet)
    if (file.equals("Train.jpg"))
        panorama panoramaApplet = null;
        panoramaApplet = panorama.selfRef;

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