"bH" <>
19 Jul 2006 15:53:41 -0700
Hi IchBin,

Please let me know if I can clarify any issues/problems that I wrote
I am willing to help.


bH wrote:


In the typical java fashion, watch capitalization or the lack of it.

This is a recipe type of demonstration, hopefully it will get you

Empty out the "demos" folder in Gel of "swing" and "console" folders.

Save those on the desktop. This is to make the "demos" folder
clearly available and empty. Replace these back into the "demos"
folder after doing this exercise and others.

Now get Gel up and running

New Project select new Applet.

Name the project SmileFrownDemo and locate it in the "demos"
folder. Use the "---" to select "demos" folder, the rest will default
that location. Place the cursor in the next entry and it will default

Below the package name is the .java title with no caps as

Restate the sample java statements with the code provided below.
Compile the java file with the replacementl.

Restate the sample .html statements with the code provided below.
Save it in the >>>>"classes"<<<<< folder using "save as ......"

Run the project.

The applet viewer shows the applet.


use copy/paste with this recipe. The code is:

package appletsmilefrown;

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class AppletSmileFrown extends JApplet
  implements ActionListener {

  boolean pressUp = false;
  boolean pressDn = false;
  JButton UpButton = new JButton("SmileUp");
  JButton DnButton = new JButton("SmileDn");
  JPanel p1 = new JPanel();
  JPanel p2 = new JPanel();
  JPanel p3 = new JPanel();

  public void init() {

    getContentPane().add(p1, BorderLayout.NORTH);
    getContentPane().add(p2, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    getContentPane().add(p3, BorderLayout.CENTER);

  public void paint(Graphics g) {
    if (pressDn== true){
      g.fillOval(65, 60, 210, 210);
      g.fillOval(135, 95, 20, 20);
      g.fillOval(200, 95, 20, 20);
      g.fillOval(170, 145, 10, 10);
      g.drawArc(125, 175, 100, 85, 0, 180);
    if (pressUp == true){
      g.fillOval(65, 60, 210, 210);
      g.fillOval(135, 95, 20, 20);
      g.fillOval(200, 95, 20, 20);
      g.fillOval(170, 145, 10, 10);
      g.drawArc(125, 145, 100, 85, 0, -180);

  public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
    Object source = evt.getSource();
    if (evt.getSource() == DnButton) {
      pressDn =true;
      pressUp =false;
    if (evt.getSource() == UpButton) {
      pressDn =false;
      pressUp =true;


  <TITLE> AppletSmileFrown </TITLE>
  <APPLET CODE="appletsmilefrown.AppletSmileFrown.class"


IchBin wrote:

bH wrote:

Hi IchBin,
I have built an applet and ran it in the applet viewer. Am going to
demo it using words.
I should have something to show here in a few hours, unless you have
another suggestion.


bH wrote:

Hi IchBin,

I am no specialist in this matter, only an experimenter. I use Gel for
other reasons other than
running programs. See below.

You wrote "When I run an applet I get an error saying the program can
not find the main
method. It does not know it is an applet..?"

I think what it is saying to you, is a statement requesting the setup
for an application, rather
than applet. This, I think, as applet is something that must be
configured from the "new"
applet project icons at the start or at least from the first instance.

In typical Delphi (Borland: JBuilder fashion), and I had to get my head
back in to remembering
what I did about 4-5 years ago when I was using JBuilder. Gel is
putting things into folders
src.... , packages etc. It may be best to start your project inside of
the Gel folder laid down at
the time of launching it, that way it knows where it is. A good
practice for that sort of layout is

In my opinion, Gel asks you to specify paths when setting up the
"applet project" if it is not
within the Gel folder. If you set up the applet package/project, and
you fill in the forms for
paths, it will allow you to continue up to the point of testing the
applet. Gel gets you to the
paths you show in the project originally. This should get you to the
Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_05\bin\appletviewer.exe. If you have written the
.html text as required
and have the .java file compiled and they are in the proper folder,
then it should show the
applet viewer.

But I have not got that " simple" thing figured out so that it has all
the paths. The applet viewer
in GEL needs a bit of help.

If you just dump a .java applet code in it will not perform it with the
applet viewer unless you
have it "dual written" with a " public static void main(String[] args)
" included. Given that option of not writing it with a duality, I
simply write to my own simple
.html page to test the applet. Click on the IE icon and the browser
page is there to get the
applet.class loaded and running.

I like Gel because of its code completion help. Really great at calling
out what needs to be
after the "." in the .java code and the explanation of what each option


PS I will continue to retro this thing. Right now I am trying to
structure a "new Applet". What a bear to understand it all. No wonder
the Gel project people tossed in the towel 3+ years ago and for maybe
other reasons.

IchBin wrote:

I use the GEL ide for a lot of stuff I do not want to keep in Eclipse.

The one thing I have not figured out how to run from GEL are Applets.
Does any one know how to run Applets from the GEL IDE?

Something simple I would guess. In the tools configuration it does want
to know where the AppletViewer.exec lives. When I run an applet I get an
error saying the program can not find the main method. It does not know
it is an applet..?

Thanks in Advance...
IchBin, Pocono Lake, Pa, USA

'If there is one, Knowledge is the "Fountain of Youth"'
-William E. Taylor, Regular Guy (1952-)

Thanks for your generous reply in the last message. Sorry I did not get
back sooner. All of what you have said makes perfect sense. I have not
created a project for an applet. Looking at the menu for a new project I
never noticed the applet. I can test tonight or tomorrow. You do not
have to go to all of the trouble. I have tons of applets I can just add
to a new GEL applet project and test.

Thanks for all of your help.
IchBin, Pocono Lake, Pa, USA

'If there is one, Knowledge is the "Fountain of Youth"'
-William E. Taylor, Regular Guy (1952-)

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