Re: Opening instruments with appletviewer vs. browser

"Momo" <>
31 Jan 2007 13:47:32 -0800
This is just a test program to demonstrate the error. When I run the
program below it doesn't throw an exception, it runs through the first
part and then tells me that there are 0 instruments available.


On Jan 29, 12:25 am, wrote:

try doing something with your exception rather than throwing it away.

On Jan 26, 10:04 am, "Momo" <> wrote:

A Java program that I've written that makes sounds works fine when I
test it with appletviewer, but not when I use a browser (Firefox or
Explorer). The difference is that when I call the MidiSystem
synthesizer with getAvailableInstruments, I get a bunch of instruments
(411) when running it with appletviewer, but none when using a browser.
Why the difference? A short program that demonstrates my problem is


import javax.swing.*;
import javax.sound.midi.*;

public class SimpleSound extends JApplet
   public void init()
      try {
         Synthesizer synth=MidiSystem.getSynthesizer();;
         Instrument[] instr=synth.getAvailableInstruments();
      catch (MidiUnavailableException e) {


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