Re: File.mkdirs wont create a directory

"Andrew Thompson" <>
14 Dec 2006 10:03:28 -0800
Steve W. Jackson wrote:

In article <>,
 "Andrew Thompson" <> wrote:

SlowLearner wrote:

Everytime I call mkdir or mkdirs it fails.


The best way to build paths is to use the File
constructor that accepts a parent and child.
      File fp = new File("C:");
      // correct nomenclature for the drive?
      System.out.println( "fp.exists(): " + fp.exists() );

In Andrew's example, I recommend using isDirectory() rather than
exists(), since the former includes the latter in its checks -- that is,
it returns true if and only if the File object (in this case the root of
drive C:) exists AND is a directory.

Good point.

...I didn't test it just now, but I'm
pretty sure that using "C:" will return a File object referring to the
root directory of that drive.

I was actually wondering about the capital letter,
but Win seems disturbingly tolerant of mixed
(and incorrect) case.

(from earlier..)

    File fp = new File("C:\\Backups");


I also suggest, however, breaking the habit of *ever* using those stupid
backslashes. Whatever idiot did that years ago should be strung up.

Hear, hear.

The fact is that modern Windows versions will handle *real* slashes
properly, for the most part -- and Java most certainly will handle them
fine in pretty much any setting I've dealt with thus far.

I take the principle..

- 'When in Java - ask the file class', just in case some
wierd-ass OS is developed, where they decide to use
'@' as the seperator! Otherwise ..
- 'let Ant handle it', and use '/' consistently.

Andrew T.

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