Re: How Can I Prevent From The IExplorer to go back in press on the back button

Lew <>
Tue, 15 May 2007 07:58:58 -0400
E.D.I wrote:

How Can I Prevent From The IExplorer to go back in press on the back
co's [sic] this defenetly mess up my game and its [sic] data base
in java [sic] jsp [sic]


The back button is /client/ side behavior; you are coding on the /server/.
Furthermore, it is a control people are used to and should not be overridden.
  Furthermore, every dodge I've seen to "disable the back button" causes
ridiculous complexity in the code and never works for everything intended.
Furthermore, there are better ways to accomplish not "messing up the game".
Look up "idempotent" as it applies to software.

Make your code work with the back button, not the other way around.

What /exactly/ do you mean by "mess up my game"? What /specifically/ happens
that you do not like?

The Token pattern is more likely to be a solution for you, as a way to achieve

"Disable the back button" is the foolish cry of people who have not thought
through their situation fully. I've seen it tried - it's a mistake. Do not
"disable" the back button. Control the navigation instead.

Here's an article that discusses a reasonable Javascript approach, and links
to "how do I prevent the user from submitting a form twice?" to teach idempotency:

Google for more. GIYF. I googled "disable browser back button danger"; YMMV.

Do not "disable" the back button. Don't.


P.S., In English writing, questions are signified by the presence of the
question mark ("?") at the end of the sentence. You also don't need to
capitalize so many words; just the word "I", the first word of each sentence
and "proper nouns" suffices.

The word "Java" is a trademark and is capitalized. "JSP" is an acronym, and
every letter in it is capitalized.

P.P.S., Notice that I asked a question, regarding what specific problem(s)
happen(s) to your game from the back-up action.

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