Re: How to insert PDF file in to MySql and read it from MySql to JAVA App

Lew <>
Thu, 23 Jul 2009 20:29:04 -0400
Jeffrey H. Coffield wrote:

sahm wrote:

Hi every one
How can I insert PDF file in to MySql Database and read it to My JAVA
App and print it.


This can be done by using a blob field in MySQL and a variation of the
code at

But consider what it can do to backing up the database. Usually PDF
documents are archive data and as such the database will grow to be
quite large and each new insert can lead to having to back up the entire
database. Storing the PDF files on a regular web server and just storing
the URL makes the MySQL database much smaller and easier to back up. It
is then easy to do an incremental backup of the real PDF's.

OTOH, if the URL for the PDF (or other binaries such as PNG or TIFF files) is
on the local system, a backup and restore of a database might result in broken
links. This will not be a problem if the binaries are stored as BLOBs.

The point of backups is not to reduce the space or time they take, but to
increase the usefulness of the restore process. The fastest, leanest backup
in the world does no good if the restored data are corrupt.


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