Re: deleting files

Lew <>
Sat, 29 Jan 2011 08:44:17 -0500
Lew wrote:

Tell me, is /home/lew/somefile.txt~ a junk file? (Hint: It's a backup
of an old version that the editor creates when I modify the file.) At
some point, it probably is, but it certainly isn't in a temporary

Luuk wrote:

This file is not a junk file, because you configured your editor to keep

What an arrogant statement! I never did any such thing!

this backup-file. If you do not want it there, than reconfigure your
editor, or choose another editor.

Oh, so that will make it not a "junk" file?

You are funny.

It all comes down to the definition of 'junk'-files

I guess you imposed your definition of "junk" on me, huh? Snap!

You have said nothing to prove or even indicate by evidence that you can
reliably find "junk" files (howsoever defined) only in temporary directories
(howsoever defined). In part that's because you can't.

It is true that "junk" files (howsoever defined) can reside anywhere. There
is no guarantee or even hint that they will reside only in temporary
directories (howsoever defined). You made that up.

Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

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