Re: developing for something that isn't there..

"Daniel Pitts" <>
10 Jan 2007 13:30:35 -0800
Elhanan wrote:


i've been taksed to create a framework that would read a complex xml
(do NOT say data-binding) and use the data to populate a java bean

problem that java bean tree has not been built yet.

i do have a concept of what to pull from the xml, what elements to read
in what order, what data to get from it. so i was thinking to create a
class that does so, but for every element (or chunk of data) pulled use
and interface to send messages about them (sorta like sax) the classes
which willl implement said interface, will get this data and build the

i was thinking that the messages will not contain an xml element itself
but rather 'convertes' as arguments.
the converted will implement an interface, that for now will simply
return another xml more formated. (just to see if my parsing works) but
will be replaced with another implmentation that will create an actuall

i don't know exactly how tdd this as i don't even know the interfaces
of tree i just know my side, i don't even know if i'm on the right

Sounds like the requirements aren't complete. If you have to parse an
XML document and produce tree, do the simple thing and create a DOM
tree. Since you're requirements aren't more specific, there isn't
anything you can do.

However, I would instead insist that your task is BLOCKED by the lack
of interfaces. And that any thing you do before hand would be a waste
of time and money.

Good luck,

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