Re: data transport

Lew <>
Wed, 26 Sep 2007 17:18:20 -0400
Daniel Pitts wrote:

On Sep 26, 10:28 am, "Jerry B." <> wrote:

I'm designing a service platform and want your opinion on which way to

I have databases and developers, and want to put a service middle-
layer, to serve as a gatekeeper. I don't want the developers touching
the database itself!

The developers work with both Java and .NET, so whatever I do, needs
to be consumable from both platforms. Obviously, I want to abstract
the transport complexities from the users (developers).

I need logging and auditing capabilities (who's using the data, etc),
and security (user/transport)

I want to create a server/client architecture. I will create the
client, so the developers will instantiate my client and get
information. A client snippet would look like this, for example:

dbClient db = new dbClient('myuser');
List <name> names = db.getNames();

Since I own both sides, I can embed a bean 'Name' in my client app
(jar, or whatever C# uses)

My coworkers want to go with web services, but I believe all the
complexity of SOAP is not necessary here. Also, we plan to use this
service internationally, which means we need to save bandwidth.

I've so far played with the following:
1) Ice ( Problem: it doesn't support complex beans, and I
have to create the Slice, since there is no way to derive a Slice from
a Java class. I have hundreds of Java beans, so it's not an option to
create the Slice files manually.

2) JSON-based msg. It marshalls and unmarshalls OK, but now I need a
transport protocol that supports logging/auditing/security. Any ideas?

3) CXF -> Even though it abstracts most of the complexity, we're
finding problems with security, etc.

4) Axis2 -> Is it as slow as people are making it?

Opinions please!!!


I've also heard of xfire (I have no experience on that) and rest
API's. Look for those as possibilities as well.

Other than that, I haven't enough knowledge to provide the feedback
you desire.

Of course, both XFire and Axis are SOAP implementations.

What makes SOAP more complex than the listed alternatives, or the
roll-your-own approach?

What do you sacrifice (besides tested and stable solutions) by avoiding
SOAP-based web services?


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