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even then might not be able to answer due to all work being internal
company property.

Agreed. I was asked to show some source code in an interview and I was a
little taken aback - it's either my intellektual property (which I don't
want to give away like that) or a former employers.

Most interviewers are idiots.

OTOH, sometimes you encounter an interviewer who is
a little more savvy.

This interviewer might almost be expecting an answer to
the effect. "Sorry, that is confidential" which *assures the
employer/interviewer that you are not about to 'spill the
beans' on the trade secrets of *this* employer, to the
very next!*

OTOH, they might prefer to hear.
"Sorry, cannot tell you about the last *commercial/confidential*
project I was involved with, but I have also had involvement with
Open Source projects ...."

* I supect that a lot of these interview questions that programmers
identify as nonsense, come down to a 'test of character/ethics'.

Andrew Thompson

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