Re: The capacity method in StringBuffer

From: (Stefan Ram)
16 Jan 2008 20:38:11 GMT
Wayne <nospam@all4me.invalid> writes:

If you intent to say that ?capacity? violates a naming
standard, could you give a reference to the naming standard
for Java that is violated by this?

The javabean (JavaBean?) standard of course.

  This does not apply to Java, but only to Java Beans
  and properties.

While nearly all of Java adheres to this
standard there is the occasional oddball method name that
students must memorize as exceptions to the naming rules.

  I am not aware that nearly all of Java adheres to the
  Java Beans property naming convention.

  It is natural to name a method that returns a value by that
  value. For example, java.lang.Math.sin(double) returns a
  ?sine?, so it is named ?sin?, not ?getSine?. (OK, this is
  not a property, but it returns a value.)

  Not using ?get? also is more ?fluent? (natural-language like).
  Recently, more people start to prefer fluent notations in
  order to enhance readability.

      if( buffer.size() > 0 ) ~ ?If the buffer size is greater the zero.?

      if( buffer.getSize() > 0 ) ~ ?

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