Re: Distributing Java Source

Lew <com.lewscanon@lew>
Thu, 24 Jul 2008 21:22:50 -0400
Daniel Dyer wrote:

Atomic commits are a big plus, IMO. I also prefer having one single
revision number for the entire repository rather than a separate one for

That's precisely what I despise in SVN.

each file. Subversion's handling of binary files is a lot better (none
of that cvswrappers nonsense).

"Nonsense"? Could you use an evaluation supportable by evidence? And provide
the evidence?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with CVS's 'cvswrappers' mechanism. It works
and it's completely under my control.

What exactly does svn do better, other than awe because it isn't "nonsense"?

Branching and tagging are constant time operations,

How long does branching and tagging take in CVS? I've never known it to take
more than a blink.

moving and renaming files without detaching their history is
also possible.

That is a good feature in Subversion. It's also possible in CVS. The
advantage to SVN is that it includes it in the menu; for CVS you have to know
how to do it. If you do know how, it's easy. It's also not really useful.

By default, CVS maintains the history of the old file name/location with the
old name/location anyway, so it isn't lost. It's just not automatically tied
to the history of the new name/location.

Advantage: Subversion, sure - big win.

That's not to say that CVS is not adequate for many projects.

Mighty tolerant there, old bean.

I find CVS shines for every project, despite its handful of warts, because it
is flexible, has many advanced features such as the ability to email you when
changes happen, supports simultaneous editing by several authors very well,
does binary just fine, allows you to choose for yourself what levels of each
artifact constitute a version, gives fine-grained control of how separately
maintained projects interact, integrates beautifully with automated testing
protocols, is simple to learn and master, rarely breaks and is easily fixed
when it does.

It is still infinitely preferable to Visual SourceSafe.

Really? Because for Windows projects, VSS is really an excellent product, so
that's high praise for CVS indeed.


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